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Die Meinung unserer Mitarbeiter



Market Manager, IL

“My experience at H.B. Fuller has allowed my development as a marketing professional to reach untapped levels, further extending my capabilities for career growth. H.B. Fuller encourages an entrepreneurial spirit, acting as a catalyst for individual contribution and strong teaming, both of which are essential components to winning. Every day I am able to apply my learned knowledge while being continuously challenged and stimulated, providing a satisfying and fulfilling work environment.”



Facility Manager, Edison, NJ

“I get a great deal of satisfaction and accomplishment each day here at H.B. Fuller Construction Products, no matter what the challenge(s) of the day. The most exciting part of my job is the ownership I feel in working with a group of fellow employees who are all focused on delivering exceptional value to our customers. Our success working on multiple challenges each day is fed by our pursuit of 'winning', teamwork with 'collaboration', and courage to 'do the right thing'.



Market Analyst, Vadnais Heights, MN

“Getting a position with H. B. Fuller and relocating to the United States from Europe has been a truly positive experience. It is a customer centric environment with a pragmatic attitude when it comes to making progress on different projects. I was positively surprised about the high number of women in various positions - from technical and commercial roles to leadership roles. This is not so common in industrial companies and I believe it's a real sign of having equal opportunities in career development in H. B. Fuller.”



Finance & Accounting Manager Malaysia and Thailand

“For 3 years with H.B. Fuller, I have learned so many things from H.B. Fuller friends across the world, especially the Finance team. We work as a team and help each other to achieve our goals. I got to set up the new entity in Malaysia in September, 2010. I have learned about manufacturing and culture and how to improve the system, all of which will help in my future career. My success also comes from very good support from my bosses and other members of the management team. They listen to my opinions and encourage me to think.”



Chemist, Shanghai, China

“Now I am a chemist in Shanghai technical center for 2K PU area, focus on construction panel, air filter and water filter application. In these months I was sent to Wels and Willow lake for formula and production training to improve knowledge and capability. When I come back, I was assigned for 2KPU/LMC localization work for NJ plant and new formulate tweaking for China market. Thanks for my mentors Sigi, Chuck and Albert help and let me build up capability quickly.This would help us action quickly to win projects.”



Accounting manager, Guangzhou, China

“I always believe that enthusiasm can make our dreams come true, so we should be very enthusiastic about our jobs. In the last 2 years, the success in H.B.Fuller proves my belief. So thanks to H.B.Fuller, I have had a platform to be successful.”



Facility Manager, Colombia

“H.B. Fuller promotes the passion for a job well done, the commitment to fulfill my goals and objectives. Every day I ask myself what I have learned. As a leader, I always look for building strong interdisciplinary teams to meet the goals. To encourage different ways of thinking to make better decisions every day is a “must” in our company, where we know that the work does not depend on you alone but on an entire team.”



South Andean Region Director, Colombia

“In the 19 years at H.B. Fuller, I have had the opportunity to be a lab assistant, technical assistant, salesperson, business unit manager, regional sales manager, marketing manager, and now business director. H.B. Fuller has allowed me to develop my skills in all these areas and has supported me in completing my MBA studies in Finance. H.B. Fuller is a place to develop as a professional.”



North Zone Manager - Paints Division, Honduras

“From my personal experience, Diversity has been a key to H.B. Fuller’s success. We deal with such diverse cultures that it not only requires knowledge of the traditions and people, but also a high level of empathy and strong communication skills. In this way, H.B. Fuller gives us the opportunity to send a clearer message to our employees, customers and community. Furthermore, the commitment to diversity shows the high ethical standards of H.B. Fuller.”

Sourcing Manager, Costa Rica
“In 1992, I joined H.B. Fuller as a contract secretary in Human Resources but soon moved to a permanent position as Administrative Assistant to the Operations Group. I accepted the challenge and started a project to create new areas due to my experience in other companies. At the same time the company gave me the opportunity to study at the University. When I got my degree in Business Administration, with an emphasis in Marketing, I was promoted to lead the Sourcing and Logistics department in Costa Rica. I have the opportunity to apply my knowledge and have internal and international exposure. I am glad to demonstrate with my job and commitment my gratitude to the company which promoted and supported my professional development”



HR Administrator I, Portugal

I joined H.B.Fuller in 1990 and I've been working here for 20 years. H.B. Fuller is a motivational company, constantly growing and where new career opportunities arise at any time. During these years in this solid company with a great working environment I was involved in various roles which really helped me to know people, to better understand their needs, concerns and aspirations. Today I am doing what I really enjoy: working with people. H.B.Fuller knows how to recognize and retain its Talents!



Busines Director Packaging, Austria

“When I was starting out at H.B. Fuller in 1989 as an apprentice R&D chemist, I thought 'wow, what a great place to work!” That was just the beginning. H.B. Fuller has offered me all the training, both internal and external, to develop my skill set. Working on different global project teams has helped me understand the whole global organization and allowed me to contribute my ideas for improving the performance of our day-to-day work. Now 20 years later, I am a Business Director and still see plenty of opportunities to develop myself within H.B. Fuller.”



Marketing Communications Analyst

“You would never imagine how exciting it can be to work for a global adhesives manufacturer, as long as you haven't worked for one. Working at H.B. Fuller has opened my eyes for the most diverse industries, since it is a crucial supplier for the manufacturing processes of so many things we use in our everyday lives.

If you are interested in working for a flexible company that offers exciting development opportunities and a collaborative atmosphere where your opinion and input is valued and even asked for, H.B. Fuller is the right company. You may start in one department and end up in a totally different one if you want to, as long as you show commitment, dedication and professionalism in what you are doing.”